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Just for inspiration.....

This is a beautiful, handmade pillow that was a gift from my grandmother.






This is a find from the local flea market that's going to be part of the bathroom renovation. I'll post pictures of the flea market as soon as the weather warms up a bit!

My daughter's always in the garden, looking for Catepillar Hunter Beetles, she makes some interesting finds.





Free Coloring page. These coloring pages are for

your enjoyment - to be printed out and colored at

home. Just click to link to full size picture.

Please don't reproduce for anything else and the artist retains all copyrights to this image.


Cute gift box suggestions for any holiday!

These are some fun gift boxes to make - they are roughly 8'' x 14'' and I found them a hobby supply store as blanks for around 3-4.00 each in various sizes. I applied gesso as a base coat and used paper clay to make the heart on the gold box, 3M painter's tape to stripe the outside and then sprayed using silver and gold spray paint. I did the fun swirls using a hot glue gun and applied a liberal sprinkling of glitter and sealed with a spray sealant. I did apply a sheet of craft paper to the silver & black box for some added interest, but it's a bit hard to see in this photo.


Free mask project - great Halloween gift idea

Please don't reproduce this project without permission and the artist retains all copyrights to this image.



start with

a sheet of craft foam,

craft paints - the iridescent fabric paints are great

plenty of glitter,

craft "jewels"

and if you want to use it for an arrangement (the pumpkin makes a cute container and fill with silk flowers in a fall color palette - oranges, browns, rusts and a maybe a few black pipe cleaners - in twirls or curlicues. (see below) We found some great notions that had these huge orange sequins - about an inch in diameter that would look great on the pipe cleaners or florists wire.

Click on the picture of the mask to see the full size pattern & print. Then, all you need to do is, place the pattern over the folded sheet of craft foam and cut.

I used armature wire that you can purchase in a craft store to give the mask some shape, cut out a second mask and glued (with hot glue) in order to cover all the wire so there were no sharp ends exposed. For those with sensitive skin, be sure not to set it directly on the skin and try the craft dowel, as shown in the photo. ---->

We also found that a painted dowel with a craft bead made a great attachment for holding the mask, so you didn't have to wear it.------>







The masks would ben an inexpensive way to make a great Halloween centerpiece when paired with a pumpkin "candy bucket" and silk flowers and a mask or two




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